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Get a handle on the difference
our carbon brush holder makes:

Sometimes the most challenging maintenance problems are solved by an innovative design solution. That's the beauty of Cutsforth's EASYchange® Removable Carbon Brush Holder—our unique solution to the challenges of brush changing on generators under load. With our removable brush holder system, you can easily reduce the chance of forced outages, improve personnel safety, increase reliability, extend collector ring length of service and reduce routine maintenance costs. The Cutsforth carbon brush holder replaces most cartridge, plug-in, and magazine style brush rigging (see video example>>) . In addition to making online brush changes safer and easier, our "pistol grip" holders prevent common brush and ring problems associated with most OEM style carbon holders. We now have nearly 16,000 EASYchange® Removable Carbon Brush Holders installed in plants across the U.S. (see map>>)


Improves safety and ease of use for maintenance personnel. "Rack In–Rack Out" (see video example>>) operation removes the carbon brush and holder as a unit. Removable brush box allows for in-service brush changes, holder inspection and cleaning.


Addresses common brush holder related problems: arcing, —(see video example>>), brush chatter, photographing (also called imaging, footprinting or ghosting—(see video example>>), discolored shunts, rapid brush wear, brush box erosion,and rings going out of round.


Combats ring damage – including excessive ring wear, rings going out of round, and photographing.


Each EASYchange® Removable Carbon Brush Holder is covered by the Cutsforth Warrranty Cutsforth Warranty PDF.