We put the power of innovation in your hands We put the power of innovation in your hands

Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement:

CUTSFORTH INC will improve the world we touch through innovation and care.

Our Values:

  1. We will conduct ourselves according to Biblical principles and standards. CUTSFORTH INC desires to adhere to Biblical principles and standards in our ethics and business practices.
  2. We believe that relationships are the heart of any successful business or organization. CUTSFORTH will treat our associates, customers, business partners and employees the way we would expect to be treated, with respect and courtesy, and always with their best interests in mind. CUTSFORTH will nurture long-term relationships with our customers, vendors and our employees.
  3. We are committed to the success of our customers. CUTSFORTH will be successful only if we help our customers be successful by providing innovative products and excellent services that are of value to them.
  4. We believe in accountability. Each of us at CUTSFORTH is accountable for our attitude, our words and our commitment to becoming excellent in our areas of responsibility.
  5. We believe direct communication with one another most often leads to peace (understanding and resolution). Each CUTSFORTH employee will try to resolve our differences person to person and avoid unhealthy gossip of others.
  6. We believe in "The Power Of Innovation." CUTSFORTH will foster a "can-do" attitude and approach to problem solving, encouraging creative thinking in our daily work.
  7. We believe in rewarding people for their efforts and performance. CUTSFORTH will strive to clearly communicate what is expected of each of our employees and reward performance generously.
  8. We believe in a healthy life balance. CUTSFORTH will encourage our employees to balance their professional lives with their personal lives. We believe in enjoying what we do. CUTSFORTH will be a fun place to work and believe that laughter is a good medicine!
  9. We believe in a sense of community. CUTSFORTH will foster a culture of learning, personal growth, caring, belonging, and giving to our neighbors.
  10. We believe in forgiveness. People do, from time to time, make mistakes. CUTSFORTH commits to fostering an environment of forgiveness and learning from our mistakes.