Don't fret. Get grounded.

Shaft Constant Monitoring System

Introducing Cutsforth's powerful, new Shaft Constant Monitoring System. By utilizing Cutsforth's patented Shaft Grounding Assembly, this system is designed not only to provide the best-in-class ground connection, it also collects, stores and delivers critical voltage information to plant personnel for analysis. The system provides Waveform level information that can be easily exported for in-depth analysis as required, as well as provides real time data to a control room's DCS or other 3rd party systems.

Plants that know differentials in shaft voltage can take corrective action ahead of catastrophic failure.

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Key Features of the Cutsforth Shaft Constant monitoring System:

  • Touch Screen Monitor for real time information display
  • USB port enables data download for analysis or the installation of upgrades and revisions
  • Delivers waveform level data of critical shaft grounding elements
  • Critical Measurements
    • Peak and Average Ground Current
    • Peak and Average Shaft Voltage (Between the Turbine and Generator)
    • Peak and Average Shaft Voltage (Outboard of the Generator at the Exciter location)
    • Ability to capture details of transient events associated with failures
  • Rope Alarm indicates when ground and metering ropes require replacement
  • Remote Meter Points enable technicians to safely take independent hand held or oscilloscope meter readings
  • Multi Channel 4/20 mA outputs allows communication to plant DCS systems
CMS Console located near ground location.
Touch Screen Interface.
Touch Screen
CMS Home Screen Display.
Home Page
Live & recorded data available at ground location and exciter end.
Live and Recorded Data
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