EASYchange® Brush Condition Monitoring

Never before possible Brush health analytics can now be delivered to the control room system and maintenance can be performed based on brush condition, rather than a calendar.

Brush Health Sensor Compliance

Due to delays in supply chain and delays at the Federal Communication Commission, the Cutsforth Brush Health Sensor has not received final authorization for registration under the rules of the Federal Communication Commission. Independent testing has confirmed that each of the components is in compliance with the applicable technical rules.  However, the brush health sensor has not completed the final administrative portion of the FCC’s equipment certification process.

In order to comply with the FCC’s rules for the operation of RF devices in industrial applications prior to certification, Cutsforth Inc. is providing you with brush health sensor devices at no charge.  The FCC Rules allow that devices may be used prior to final certification by certain industrial applications but do not allow for invoicing of the uncertified product until the product is registered.  Once the final certification for the brush health sensor is completed, Cutsforth will provide you with new, certified sensors and will invoice you for those sensors at that time.