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About Us

Cutsforth Inc. started back in 1990 as a small company focused primarily on making replacement brush holders for generators and exciters. Today, after 20 years in business, Cutsforth's experience and innovative designs have brought its best-in-class brush holder, collector rings, and services to some of the world's largest power companies.

Cutsforth Products

Cutsforth Field Services

Removable Brush Holder installations

Removable Brush Holders fit all major manufacturer's applications. We work efficiently during your outage to insure a smooth upgrade to our unique brush holder. see more>>

Online Collector Ring and Commutator Truing

Keeps your units operating safely and efficiently by lowering brush vibrations, removing grooves and flat spots restoring your rings to better than new (OEM) condition. see more>>

Spiral Groove Restoration

Restores the spiral (or helical) groove in your collector ring. This process extends the life of your ring and saves your plant thousands of maintenance dollars. see more>>

Consulting and Emergency Services

Cutsforth offers on-site problem-solving and consultation to solve your brush rigging, collector rings and brushed exciter problems. We can restore or replace your ring and rigging after a forced outage emergency immediately saving you many thousands of dollars in lost revenue. see more>>