Online Truing/Grinding
Online or Offline? That is the question.


When it comes to resurfacing your collector rings and commutators, downtime is wasted time. So why take your unit off-line when Cutsforth™ Online Truing is more cost effective, less time consuming—and, in most cases, more accurate? Our online truing takes place at operational temperature and operational speed, so rings are ground in reference to the operational center, less material is removed, life expectancy is extended, and brush chatter and vibrations are reduced. Click to discover common collector ring problems Cutsforth™ online truing can help restore.

Also Known As

Collector Ring Truing can also be referred to as:
– Collector ring grinding
– Slip ring grinding or polishing
– Collector ring polishing
– Collector ring machining
– Slip ring machining
– Collector or slip ring maintenance
– Commutator grinding, surfacing or machining
– Collector ring or commutator stoning

Common Collector Ring Problems

Online truing can help restore collector rings. Explore some common ring problems we can address for you.

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Benefits of Online Truing versus Offline grinding:

Online truing is typically more cost effective and less time consuming.

No need to take the unit offline—No downtime needed to perform service. No lost revenue to perform our Online Truing Service. No need to remove any brush rigging or enclosures.

Online Truing can provide greater accuracy—Online allows you to grind your rings and commutators at operational temperature and speed. This allows the out-of-roundness of your rings to be ground in reference to the operational center.

Online Truing reduces brush vibrations, which can cause other brush holder related problems that can lead to catastrophic failures.

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