Cutsforth™️ Wireless Monitoring
Keep track of equipment health wirelessly.
Wireless monitoring devices dramatically reduce retrofit installation costs, when battery powered, by eliminating the need for running cable and conduit for signal, power, and ethernet. Cutsforth™️ wireless monitoring solutions utilize equipment from Erbessd and NI.

Erbessd Wireless Monitoring

Erbessd wireless is based on BLE5 and provides a variety of wireless sensing options including vibration, process, and infrared (IR) monitoring capabilities. The NEMA4X/IP66-rated Cutsforth Erbessd Gateway with Enclosure is available in two variants:

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)—Category 6 Ethernet cable can provide power and communications features to this enclosure to simplify installation.
  • 120 VAC Powered—The gateway is powered via 120 VAC with an internal power supply. Category 6 Ethernet cable or WiFi (802.11), if available, can then be used to connect the gateway to the network.

Each gateway can support over 100 wireless sensors, and line-of-sight range between gateway and sensor is typically 80–100 meters.

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NI Wireless Monitoring

NI wireless technology is also based on BLE5. The NI gateway is powered by 120VAC and it requires a Category 6 Ethernet connection. There are two types of wireless vibration endpoints supported. Range is typically 200 meters line-of-sight.

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