Professional Development
Let the experts at Cutsforth™ help you develop greater understanding about our industry.
Webinar: Online Infrared (IR) Thermography

Monitoring temperature of assets is a critical maintenance best practice. Join us to discover how online infrared sensors measure critical equipment and detect failure modes.

Online Infrared Thermography is an important monitoring system to have in your toolkit, and whether you’ve been using thermography for years or this is a new technology, this webinar is for you.

Wireless Monitoring Webinar: Cutsforth Wireless Monitoring Solutions

Explore wireless monitoring technologies for online condition monitoring with Chuck Requet and Steve McAlonan. Receive a first-hand look into the wireless options for monitoring technologies, including vibration, process, and infrared monitoring. See how your plant can trend, alarm on data, and perform remote diagnostics through one interactive platform.

Webinar: Real-World Case Studies with Kent

Discover unique studies from the field spanning the entire plant including switchgears, transformers, generators, and more! Kent Smith will guide you through real-world scenarios where monitoring programs were able to detect potential failures and alert plant personnel before a costly and catastrophic event could occur.

If you’ve ever wondered how monitoring your plant’s equipment can help save money and downtime, this is your opportunity to learn from the expert.

EMI Webinar: Monitor EMI Like the Experts

Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) monitoring may seem like a magic trick. However, the system simply detects conditions associated with EM emissions within the generator, isophase bus, and transformers. Subject matter experts have extensively gathered data over the last 40 years. Through their research and testing they have been able to detect patterns to determine which data sets and waveforms correspond to which failure modes.

InsightCM™ Webinar: Tips and Tricks for InsightCM™

The InsightCM platform doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our subject matter expert answers frequently asked questions while walking through best practices to monitor plant assets. Explore how to immediately detect faults and recognize potential failures before they occur.

Brush Condition Monitoring Webinar: Explore Brush Condition Monitoring with the Experts

Explore the latest techniques and technologies to trend and monitor usable brush length and vibration. Our expert speakers will present use cases from the field, providing real-world examples of how these techniques have been successfully applied. You’ll learn about the benefits of Brush Condition Monitoring, including early detection of potential issues and improved equipment performance.

Motor Current Signature Analysis Webinar: All about Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA)

Explore real-world case studies to discover how Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) uses voltage and current signals to identify motor faults like rotor bar damage, misalignment, eccentricity, mechanical looseness, and bearing problems. Learn how MCSA continuous monitoring leverages new or existing equipment to simplify installation and minimize sensing costs.

Equipment Reliability Process Webinar: Transform Equipment Reliability Processes

Explore industry best practices for Equipment Reliability and Asset Management. These programs help process, integrate, and coordinate a broad range of activities into one process so plant personnel may establish optimal preventive-maintenance tasks. Personnel are able to make informed decisions pertaining to operations, risk management, and equipment adjustments based on equipment health and maintenance feedback.

InsightCM™ Webinar: InsightCM™ 101

Discover InsightCM, an online asset-monitoring software for subject matter experts and maintenance professionals who need:

  • Full access to waveform data
  • Multiple sensor technology inputs
  • Connectivity to existing enterprise software packages
  • A variety of configuration options for alarm management and analytics
Generator Field Monitoring Webinar

Generator Field Monitoring combines Premium Shaft Ground Monitoring (SGM) and Rotor Flux Monitoring (RFM) systems into one powerful controller. Plant personnel can achieve the benefits of both systems for better trend analysis and easier system management. Explore how Generator Field Monitoring can allow plants to detect potential failures early and reduce operation expenses.

Brush Failures Webinar: Brush Failures and How to Solve Them

Common OEM brush problems include brush restrictions & carbon deposits, arcing, brush box erosion, brush chatter & chipped brushes, and photographing. Learn how online truing cleans-up collector rings at speed and load without costly downtime and explore how the integration of Cutsforth EASYchange® Brush Holders and Brush Condition Monitoring reduces brush failure while monitoring vibration and usable brush length.

Integrated Monitoring Solutions Webinar

Condition-based monitoring programs shouldn’t just be the future of the power generation industry, they should be implemented today. These programs reduce costs; reduction in failure risk, maintenance costs, and manpower costs are all achievable using technology that has steadily decreased in cost over time.