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Cutsforth™ specializes in developing innovative new technologies and services to support the power generation industry.
Our platform
Cutsforth's InsightCM™ online asset monitoring platform empowers data-driven decisions that improve availability, reliability, and operating costs.
Our products
For more than 30 years, Cutsforth has solved the most challenging maintenance problems with innovative design solutions.
Our services
Our qualified teams are ready to help, install, implement, and support.
From our customers
“It would be unfair not to say that in my 20 years in this business—I'm an ex-GE electrical engineer—this is the first time I had a job from a company with unmatched response time, highly professional technicians, and more than 100% service satisfaction.”
K.P., Electrical Engineer,
consulting company
Proven results
After 30+ years in business, Cutsforth brings experience and innovative designs, from its best-in-class excitation brush holder, shaft grounding replacements, monitoring solutions, and InsightCM™ platform to some of the world’s largest power companies.