Our products are made for power generation and beyond


Unlike a conventional power plant, nuclear facilities have larger primary systems to support the turbine generators and a significant number of supporting subsystems. Safety, reliability and redundancy drives the decision making process in these facilities. In short, work performed by contractors not only has to be done right, it also has to have a record of success, provide the necessary documentation and must be completed according to schedule. Cutsforth™ has the experience needed to install our products and perform our services on not only the main generators but on supporting MG set generators.

Gas Turbines

The rise of Gas Turbines worldwide over the past 15 years attests to the economical and ecological benefits of this form of power generation. Cutsforth™ has performed more work on Gas Turbines than any other type of generator. As the numbers of turbines increase and age in this fleet, Cutsforth™ stands ready to maintain and improve safety and reliability with Online Truing, Spiral Groove Restoration as well as Cutsforth™ removable carbon brush holder, collector ring manufacturing as well as our new shaft voltage grounding system.


These units have been the “work horses” of power generation around the world for many years. Currently more than 50% of the United States power is produced by coal-fired plants. The Cutsforth™ line of products are easily adaptable to these older units and provide a significant upgrade to brush, holder and collector ring maintenance. Let us show you how our products and services can save you time and maintenance costs while improving personnel safety. Protecting and correcting the brush to ring connection keeps these units running smoother and helps prevent vibration related problems in the excitation areas of the generator.


The search for clean renewable energy has led the power industry and governments toward wind power generation by land and by sea. Cutsforth™ has brought its innovative design and manufacturing experience into this emerging energy source. Our carbon brush holder increases brush life from a few months to as long as two years on the Hitachi 1.8 MW wind turbine! Imagine the maintenance savings from not having to take several trips up the tower for brush maintenance each year.


From brush holders to collector rings to shaft grounding, Cutsforth™ has you covered. We provide the industry’s best products for your hydroelectric generator. Our innovative split-collector ring design allows for an easier installation and removal saving you time, money and headaches. Our carbon brush holders better protect the brush-to-ring connection making the Cutsforth™ holder a more reliable choice than the OEM or other after market brush holders. Look into our unqiue and proven shaft grounding solution (horizontal shafts).