How Can I Collect Better Data With InsightCM™ Software?
How Can I Collect Better Data With InsightCM™ Software?

Eliminate useless asset data with intelligent hardware at the edge, configurable data collection behaviors, and alarms and notifications.

Collect Better Data With InsightCM

Moving from route-based data collection to an automated system where data can come in multiple times an hour could overwhelm analysts that don’t have a way to screen data. InsightCM helps maintenance teams set alarms and data capture conditions based on standard calculations. InsightCM also has an alarm baselining feature that automatically sets statistics-based alarm thresholds created using previously captured data from healthy operation.

Ways InsightCM Can Help

1. Respond to Alarms and Notifications

Get notified when an asset experiences potential machine health issues with configurable alarms and notifications.

2. Set Custom Data Collection Behaviors

Set data collection parameters based on different asset operating states, such as startup, steady state, and coast-down, or when machine health data exceeds a set threshold.

3. Connect to Intelligent Hardware at the Edge

Cutsforth Monitoring Devices are installed at the edge and screen data 24/7 to monitor for potential equipment failures.