Remotely diagnose asset health with InsightCM™

InsightCM provides a web-based interface for viewing asset health data and tools such as statistics, data viewers, and alarms.

Remote Asset Health Monitoring with InsightCM

Imagine a scenario where two different assets from two different plants are experiencing potential faults. Which one is more likely to contribute to an outage and needs more attention? If deciding between two assets is difficult, think about how difficult it is when you have 10,000. Remote diagnostics help maintenance teams view asset health data for all of their distributed assets to better decide where to deploy valuable resources like subject matter experts, troubleshooting equipment, and spares.

Ways InsightCM Can Help

1. Centrally Manage Asset Health Data

InsightCM provides subject matter experts and maintenance professionals with a single tool with full access to waveform data, connectivity to existing enterprise software packages, and a variety of configuration options for alarms and data management.

2. Diagnose Faults From Anywhere

Access asset health data from any web browser by logging in to the InsightCM web client interface.

3. Analyze Using Multiple Sensor Technologies

InsightCM can connect to a wide array of different sensor technology inputs such as vibration, temperature, and motor current signature