Shaft Grounding Monitoring: Premium
Providing superior levels of analysis to mitigate severe cost due to bearing and other damage caused by improperly grounded units.
Plants that know differentials in shaft voltage can take corrective action ahead of catastrophic failure.

Key Features

  • Continuously measures Shaft Voltage and Current for early detection of failures such as:
    • Poor Shaft Contact
    • Bearing Failure
    • Stator Insulation Failure
    • Exciter Insulation Failure
    • Ground Neutral Failure
  • Touch Screen Monitor for real time information display
  • Lengthens time between maintenance outages

More Features

  • USB port enables data download for analysis or the installation of upgrades and revisions
  • Delivers waveform level data of critical shaft grounding elements
  • Rope Alarm indicates when ground and metering ropes require replacement
  • Multi Channel 4/20 mA outputs allows communication to plant DCS systems
  • The system is fully managed and data is archived using NI InsightCM™ platform

Explore some of our installation images for our Shaft Ground Monitoring: Premium system.

Bearing Damage

Don’t allow your bearings to get damaged when you can monitor your grounding.

Return on Investment

Continuous monitoring of shaft voltage and current reduces operating costs. Plants are able to reduce both the risk of component failures that lead to unplanned outages, and the risk of injury to maintenance personnel. Condition based monitoring allows you to predict failures and plan accordingly giving plants more control over the outage cycle. Monitoring allows plants to optimize capital spending, allocating manpower and financial resources when and where necessary.

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