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Webinar: A Case Study on EMI Monitoring

Electro - Magnetic Interference (EMI) Monitoring is a non - intrusive, on - line surveillance technique to detect and identify electrical defects in motors, generators, IsoPhase Bus, Transformers, and other electrical systems

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Webinar: Brush Condition Monitoring Conversation

Brush Condition Monitoring allows plants remote access to vital brush health information. This advanced detection allows plants to better schedule their maintenance and manpower hours, while decreasing maintenance costs.

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Webinar: EMI Monitoring Conversation

EMI detects conditions associated with EM emissions within the Generator, Isophase Bus, and Transformers.

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Webinar: Shaft Ground Monitoring

The objective of shaft grounding is to protect the bearings, and to establish a good electrical connection. Shaft voltage, if left unchecked, can lead to catastrophic failures.

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Webinar: Integrated Monitoring

“If [plants] don’t have generator monitoring systems installed today, [they] will in five years, and will for sure in ten years.”

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Webinar: Rotor Flux Monitoring

Rotor Flux Monitoring eases financial burdens on plants while providing real-time information leading to advance knowledge of maximum flux deviation. This early detection allows plants to determine outages based on condition of the rotor rather than having to rely on a calendar.

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