Woyshner Services Company Acquisition

Press Release | May 16, 2022

Just two months after we were able to announce the acquisition of InsightCM™ from NI (formerly ‘National Instruments’), we are excited to now announce the acquisition of substantially all assets from Woyshner Services Company (WSC). Founded by Bill Woyshner and Bernie Cook, both experienced executives in the power industry, WSC has provided a variety of professional services, delivered specialized solutions, and developed tools for monitoring and diagnostics that assisted the digital transformation of the power and process industries.

Cutsforth provides an array of online monitoring solutions for the power and industrial markets. Cutsforth innovative solutions afford power producers and the process industry early insight into the asset health of its key capital equipment.

“The combination of Cutsforth, Inc and WSC provides our customers access to some of the best minds in the industry.”

Rob Cutsforth, CEO

Rob Cutsforth, CEO of Cutsforth, Inc. stated: “The combination of Cutsforth, Inc and WSC provides our customers access to some of the best minds in the industry. Moreover, Cutsforth, together with Bill, Bernie and the WSC Team, allows Cutsforth to rapidly expand its services and accelerates the development of our next generation of monitoring and diagnostic products. We are truly excited to bring WSC and Cutsforth together.”

Bill Woyshner, President of WSC, Inc. stated: “Serving our customers well has always been and will continue to be the first priority. At WSC we built a business based on integrity and delivering solutions for our customers’ problems. We see Cutsforth as the logical successor to WSC, specifically because they share the same values and vision.”

Cutsforth specializes in the development of innovative technologies and services that support the power generation and process industries. Cutsforth has developed technologies that detect a wide variety of electrical and mechanical faults in generators, motors, transformers, and other mission-critical assets. Cutsforth has installed its products on more than 1,000 generators worldwide.