Shaft Ground Monitoring: Assurance
An efficient alternative to manual voltage and current measurements


The Assurance system offers an efficient alternative to manual voltage and current measurements with its innovative Assurance system that integrates with most Cutsforth™ Shaft Grounding Assemblies. The Assurance system takes the readings in real-time and passes them directly to the control room. We’ve included an easy to read display panel for “walk-up” readings.

Plant personnel can easily and safely know when changes occur on the shaft; changes that can damage bearings and other generator related elements.

The system still offers the same meter points below the display, to allow plant personnel to take waveform readings via a portable oscilloscope when desired.


  • Easy to Read Display
  • Measures and Displays the following in real-time:
    • Voltage
    • Current
    • Ground Rope Status
  • Connects to Plant Control Systems via 4-20mA lines and Modbus RTU for easy integration
  • Safe and simple installation
  • Easily connects to Cutsforth™ Grounding Assemblies

Shaft Ground Monitoring: Premium System

Learn more about our next tier Shaft Ground Monitoring: Premium system with built-in oscilloscope functionality, event based waveform recordings, and more.

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