Don't fret. Get grounded.

Shaft Grounding Systems

Cutsforth's Shaft Grounding System is an example of experience and creativity working together to solve the most common shaft voltage problems. Cutsforth's Shaft Grounding System optimizes rope contact with the shaft through a patented design that leads the industry. Because Cutsforth's Shaft Grounding System incorporates the proven EASYchange holder design, rope changes are safe and easy for plant personnel. In addition, the Cutsforth's Shaft Grounding System design lends itself to integrating with a plant's monitoring solution. Plant personnel have long appreciated Cutsforth's innovative approach to solving common problems associated with generators. Cutsforth's Shaft Grounding system continues this tradition of bringing innovative solutions to meet the needs of the power industry. For more information, Contact us.

Key Features of the Cutsforth Shaft Grounding System:

Shaft Grounding Assembly

  • Engineered universal fit rope with durable and flexible Teflon Rope Guide.
    • Fits shafts from 6" - 31" in diameter
    • Helps to protect against contaminates
  • Change the Ropes without losing ground
  • Patent pending rope design
    • Provides best in class shaft contact for grounding
    • Extended wear design reduces cost of consumables
  • Single universal attachment arm
    • Simplifies installation and allows installation in a wide array of locations
    • Easy removal when disassembly is required
  • Grounding Cable to Turbine case ensures an unbroken ground connection at all times
  • Engineered to withstand high heat environments up to 200°C

Remote Meter Point

  • Take Readings from a SAFE Distance
    • Take Voltage Readings
    • Verify Ground Continuity
    • Check Rope wear
EASYchange® inspired, dual rope holder design provides safe and easy rope replacement.
EASYchange® Inspired Design
Never struggle again to check shaft voltage, verify ground continuity or determine rope condition. This Remote Meter Point is installed a safe distance away from the rotating shaft.
Remote Meter Point
Our patented ropes and guards not only ensure Best-in-Class ground continuity but combined with our attachment arm, they allow for easy installation on almost all turbine generators.
Universal Installation System
Our patented ropes provide a superior shaft-to-ground connection while also allowing for real-time voltage reading. Easily change ropes online or offline with our EASYchange® inspired design.
Patented Dual Purpose Grounding/Metering Ropes